Experience fun and history across Indiana on the Michigan Road!

Town of Kirklin, on the Michigan Road

The Historic Michigan Road is one of Indiana’s earliest highways, built in the 1830s to connect the Ohio River to Indianapolis to Lake Michigan. You can still drive it from end to end today.

When you follow the Michigan Road, you’ll connect with Indiana’s history — and have a great time all along the way. The Michigan Road is lined with attractions and events all year round for you and your family.

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About the Road

The Michigan Road was probably the most important transportation route in the fledgling State of Indiana.

Stone bridge, Ripley County

It connected the Ohio River to Indianapolis to Lake Michigan, opening the state to commerce and settlement. It was used by the pioneer, as a path to freedom by the runaway slave, and as the trail down which the Native American was removed from their lands.

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Traveling the Road

MichiganRoadMapAlmost all of the the Michigan Road’s original route has survived to this day. From one end, you can drive straight through to the other end with only a few brief detours. Along the way, the road takes on many different characters, from almost-forgotten farm road to country US highway to major city thoroughfare to Interstate highway.

The map shows the gist of the route, which roughly follows old US 421 and US 421 north from Madison through Indianapolis, and then State Road 29 to Logansport. From there it follows State Road 25 to Rochester, and then old US 31 through Plymouth to downtown South Bend. It then follows old US 20 and US 20 to downtown Michigan City, where it follows US 12 to its end.

You’ll find guide signs all along the route that look like what you see below. For turn-by-turn directions, click here.



Our Partners

We are grateful to partners in every county through which the Michigan Road passes for their ongoing support of our efforts to tell the road’s story and bring people like you out onto it to see.

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